Cleaning of BON   carpet is simple and efficient for most stains. Just follow the three steps - sweep, brush(rinse) and dry.


   Cleaning Methods 

General Solid Stains

Generally liquid stains  

    Scrape off stains               Wash with water                 Dry with cloth
           Dry stains                     Wash with clean water              Dry with cloth

Stubborn stains

Leave below solutions on stains for five minutes before wash.

Neutral detergent (1:20 dilution)  
Household detergent (1:20 dilution) 
Soap & Washing powder

30-45 degrees in the wash with warm water is better to use. 

Use vacuum to dry detergent cleaned area.  

Use scatch rubber to clean solidified stains 

 Cleaning Tools

 Stains Category 

Dry with Clean Cloth or towel, then spread some salt on  

stains. Brush lightly with a soft bristle brush on carpet

surface . Finally, Remove all dust and salt with a vacuum.

For coffee and tea stains, dilute with clean and warm  ​water. Then dry with a clean towel. 

Strike chocolate right off carpet, brush with warm and  

clean water, rinse before vacuum dry. 

Vomit should be dealt with immediately. Remove as much vomit as possible, Spray  some baking soda solution on neutral detergent on vomit area. Rinse with cold    water, dry and vacuum clean. 
After the mud is dry, scrape off the mud, then  vacuum to remove soil exhaustion. 

Dry spilled soft drinks with a towel, use clean  water to rinse and dry with a towel again. ​
Gums dose not easily glue onto BON   Carpet. In case for some reasons it happens, simply use hair spray to harden the gum and remove it from carpet.