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BON electrostatic flocked carpet is a new flooring material, with the advantages of traditional carpets and floors, which are widely used in modern interior decoration. 

Depend on the special extra-high density fiber structure, flocked carpet have excellent antifouling and easy-cleaning properties, also show good performance on color fastness, flame retarding, anti-static and anti-slip aspects. 

According the demand of customer, BON flocked carpet also can make high value-added product with low-formaldehyde and good anti-microbial activity. Quality, innovation and customer satisfaction is the permanent goal to persue, also is the promise to all of our clients. 

Flocking Technology

BON® carpet is manufactured with High Voltage Electrostatic Flocking technology and made of the robustest 100% nylon 6.6 fibers, which are upright firmly anchored to the base layer. There are over 80 million fibers per square meter, 10 times as normal fibre bonded carpets. It achieves not only excellent abrasion resistance and resilience, but also remarkable stain prevention and easy-to-clean property .


Abrasion Resistance

BON® carpet plants over 80 million of nylon6,6 fibers in every square meter. It gives excellent abrasion resistance and resilience. Its upright firmly anchored piles effectively prevent filaments pull-out or broken in heavy traffic areas.


Wheel Resistance

BON® carpet is widely used for areas like airports, hotel corridors, hospitals and 

disabled people centers. Comparing to normal fibre bondedcarpets, its high pile density structure andeven surface significantly reduces the wheelresistance of luggage, trolleys and wheelchairs.


Stain Resistance1

High pile density of BON® carpet makes itself different to the normal fibre bonded carpet. With even and dense pile structure, BON® carpet does not easily trap dirt and dust while its open pile structure makes the dirt and soils easier to be vacuumed. This makes it much easier to clean and away from stains.

Stain Resistance2

Every piece of BON® carpet is treated with Easyclean TM oil and water repellent technology that effectively improves the stain resistance of the carpet.

Sound Absorption 

BON® carpet surface contains over 80 million nylon6,6 fibers in every square meter, which creates innumerous sound wave absorption points. When the sound waves hit the pile, they are trapped and decayed rapidly.

Cigarette Scorch 

BON® special technology can effectively prevent the cigarette scorch to generate in a time up to 10 times longer than a nylon 6 tufted carpet. It allows you have enough time to pick up the lighted cigarette without leaving a scorch on the carpet.

Applicable Site

Office Space  
Transportation Sites

Leisure and Entertainment

Education And Health Care Institutions